2023 Europe International Championship (EUIC) Pins

2023 Pokémon Europe International Competition (EUIC) was held from April 13th to 16th, at ExCeL London. This is the third international championship of 2023. The first was in Latin America, and the second one was in Oceania. This year, Pokémon also opened up a Pop Up store during the competition and two exclusive pin products were sold.

Just like previous international competitions, competitors and staff members received exclusive pins as part of the welcoming pack. This year the theme of the competitions is Eeveelutions. The competitor pin features Leafeon and Glaceon. The staff pin features Umbreon and Espeon. 

Internationals-2023 Europe Competitor Pokemon Pin-1
Internationals-2023 Europe Staff Pokemon Pin-x
Photo Credit: Ebay captain-moist

Different from LAIC and OCIC, the back board of EUIC has Eevee on the bottom. This is quite rare, as usually the four regions will give out same pins with same back board designs (with only the region changing).

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