2023 Korea Jeju Island Pop-Up Store Exclusive Pin

From July 28th to August 27th, Pokémon is opening a Pop-Up Store in Jeju Island, Korea! The theme of the store features Jeju Island’s specialty — Hallabong Tangerines and Dol Hareubang (rock statues). Exclusive merchandises include Pikachu dolls dressed up as tangerines and rock statues are the most popular wants. Besides the Pikachu dolls, they will also be selling towels, key chains, water bottles and many more. 

For fellow pin lovers, they will also be releasing an exclusive pin! The pin features Pikachu wearing a tangerine hat. The vibe of the pin is perfect for summer time! The pin will be available in the pop-up store starting August 7th. Here’s the pin:

Korea 2023 Jijudo Pop-up Store Pokemon Pin-0

Pop-Up store items are always extremely popular. Maybe it is time to book a ticket to Jeju Island to grab your favourite items before they sell out!

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(2023/09/27) Update: Here’s the pin!