2023 Latin America International Championship (LAIC) Pins

From November 25th to 27th, 2022,  the Latin America Pokémon International Championship was held in Expo Center Norte, Brazil.  This is the first international championship of 2023. Usually, each championship will release two new pins — one for competitors and one for staffs.

As mentioned in the 2023 OCIC post, this year’s international championship pin features different Eeveelutions. For LAIC, the competitor pin also features Glaceon and Leafeon. To differentiate the pins from different region, the region is marked on the pin and back board. The staff pin, usually the same pin for all four regions but with different region marked on the backboard, features Espeon and Umbreon. 

As of now, I have not yet found an image for the staff pin. Usually for LAIC the staff pins are extra hard to come by. The image will be added once I find one. Here is the competitor pin:

Internationals-2023 Latin America Competitor Pokemon Pin-1

As previously mentioned, this year’s LAIC pins were not handed out during the competitor due to a delay in the shipment. It seems like the first batch of competitor merch were received by competitors at around March this year (2023). Here is a note that competitor received along with the welcome pack:

Internationals-2023 Oceania Notice Pokemon Pin-1
Photo Credit: Twitter Alberto Conti

The next International Competitor is held in Europe from April 14th to 16th. We can expect that there will also be two pins (competitor and staff) released when the competition happens. This year, Pokémon Center also opened up a Pokémon Pop Up store in London. The pop up store will probably have exclusive merchandises like pins and lanyard!

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