2023 Oceania International Championship (OCIC) Pins

Last week, from February 17th to 19th, the Oceania Pokémon International Championship was held in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, Australia.  This is the second international championship of 2023. Usually, each championship will release two new pins — one for competitors and one for staffs.

This year’s international championship pin features different Eeveelutions. For Oceania, the competitor pin features Glaceon and Leafeon. The staff pin (probably the same for all four regions) features Espeon and Umbreon. 

Unfortunately, for Latin America International Competition held in November 2022, it seems like the pins for competitor and staff are delayed. No image or further information was found. An update will be posted when more information is released! 

(2023/4/14) Update: LAIC welcome pack we indeed delayed and confirm by participants. The pack was shipped out and received at around March this year. Please see the 2023 LAIC post for images of the pin!

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The next championships will be held in Europe from April 14th-16th and North America from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023.