Event: PAX East 2023 Pinny Arcade Play Lab Pins

PAX 2023 East Pikachu Pokemon Pin-x

From March 23rd to 26th, PAX East was held in Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. As usual, Pokémon set up Play Lab booths for people to experience and learn how to play Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Anyone that participates will have a chance to bring home an exclusive pin. This year’s PAX East pin […]

Zubat with Repel Pokémon Held Item Pin Released!

2-Zubat with Repel Pokémon Held Item Pin-1

The monthly Pokémon pin is here! The second pin of the Pokémon Held Item pin Collection features Zubat! Following last month’s Snorlax with leftover pin, this month, Zubat is paired with a repel. The pin is retailed at $12.99/£9.99 at Pokémon Center US/UK online store. Zubat with Repel >> Click here to see all Pokémon […]