2024 Latin America International Championship (LAIC) Pins

2024 Pokémon International Championships have started! This weekend, from November 17th to 19th 2023, the Latin America International Championship (LAIC) was held in Expo Center Norte – Vermelho Hall 1. LAIC is usually the first region of the championship series, the other three regions — Oceania, Europe, and North America will be held in 2024.

For each competition, the competitors and staffs will each receive a welcoming merch pack. Within the pack there will be an exclusive championship pin. This year’s competitor pin features Flutter Mane. We will see if the same Pokémon will be featured for the other regions! 

Here’s the pin:

Internationals-2024 Latin America Competitor Pokemon Pin-x
Photo Credit: Ebay CaliSweeper

The staff pin features Tyranitar. Here’s the pin:

Internationals-2024 Latin America Staff Pokemon Pin-1