4 New Pokémon Center Pin Sets: Dreepy, Frigibax and more!

On Febuary 9th, Pokémon Center US/UK released 4 new pin sets. To celebrate the year of the dragon, all the pin sets features different Dragon type Pokémons! The four sets are the following:

  1. Axew, Fraxure & Haxorus
  2. Dreepy, Drakloak & Dragapult
  3. Frigibax, Arctibax & Baxcalibur
  4. Roaring Moon

The pin sets that include 3 pins are retailed at $18.99/£16.99. The pin set that include 1 pin is retailed at $9.99/£8.99 at Pokémon Center US/UK online store. Here are the pins: