2024 PC Monthly Pin Collection – Dragonite Dragon Type Pin 3/12

3-Dragonite Pokémon Dragon Types Pin-1

The third pin of the 2024 Pokémon Center US/UK Monthly pin collection is here! This month (released April 11th), the featured Dragon type Pokémon is Dragonite!  The pin’s back is slightly transparent with a stained glass effect. The back board of the pin is also speically designed with Dragonite. The pin is retailed at $12.99/£9.99 […]

6 New Pixel Pin Sets From Johto Region!

91-Hoppip, Skiploom & Jumpluff Pokémon Pixel Pins-1

On March 7th, Pokémon Center US/UK released 6 new sets of Pixel pins from Johto Region! Last month, they also released 6 sets, and this month they continued to release the next Pokémons! The pin sets with 3 pins are retailed at $18.99/£15.99. The pin sets with 2 pin is retailed at $14.99/£9.99. The pin sets with 1 pin is retailed at $9.99/£8.99 […]

2 New Pokémon Center Oversize Pins: Onix and Dragonite!

18-Pokémon Giant Pins Dragonite Oversize Pin-1

Pokémon Center released two new giant pins on April 11th! Onix and Dragonite are the 17th and 18th oversize pins of the collection. These giants pins are about 5 times bigger than regular pins at about 5 inches across. The pins are sold at $24.99/£19.99 at Pokémon Center US/UK online store. Here are the pins: Onix […]

5 New Pokémon Center Pin Sets: Joltik, Flabébé and More!

122-Tadbulb & Bellibolt Pokémon Pins-1

On April 11th, Pokémon Center US/UK released 5 new pin sets.  Most of this time’s new pin sets are newer Pokémons. My favorite is definitely Flabébé, Floette & Florges! The 5 sets and their prices are the following: Joltik & Galvantula ($14.99/£11.99) Flabébé, Floette & Florges ($18.99/£15.99) Blipbug, Dottler & Orbeetle ($18.99/£15.99) Tadbulb & Bellibolt […]

6 New Pokémon Center Pins: Spearow, Ekans And More!

25-Pikachu Pokémon Pin-1

It’s the big Pokémon Center monthly release!  Last month, Pokémon Center US/UK released 5 individual Pokémon pins featuring Pidgey, Rattata and their evolutions. Thie month, on April 11th, they conitnued on to the next 6 Pokémons featuring Spearow, Ekans, Pikachu and their evolutions. The road to completing the Pokédex continues! Each pin is about 1 ¾ inches […]

2024 Europe International Championship Play Lab Pin!

Play Lab 2024 EUIC Pokemon Pin-x

Last weekend, from April 5th to 7th, Pokémon Europe International Championship was held in ExCeL Center, London. During the competiton, Pokémon Play Lab set up an area for fans to experience and learn how to play Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Up until now, Play Lab has been parcipated in PAX events, Lucca Comics and […]

Tokyo-Bay Pokémon Center Japan Reopening Pin!

Tokyo Bay 2024 Pokemon Center Pin-x

On March 1st, Pokémon Center Japan revealed that their Tokyo Bay Center will be undergoing a renovation. The new center will reopen on April 12th, 2024. The Tokyo Bay center opened in 2013 and originally the feature Pokémons were Pikachu, Chespin and Inkay. The new center’s feature Pokémons will chage Pikachu, Marill and Ampharos! The […]

2024 International Championship Europe Pop Up Store Exclusive Pin

Internationals-2024 Europe Gengar Pokemon Pin-x

From April 5th to 7th, the second International Championship EUIC is held in ExCeL London, England. This year, Pokémon Center also opened a pop up store for International Championships. The pop up store will sell regular Pokémon Center merch and also exclusive championship goods. This year, there are 5 new eclusive pin products including 4 […]

2024 Europe International Championship (EUIC) Pins

Internationals-2024 Europe Competitor Pokemon Pin-x

2024 Pokémon Europe International Competition (EUIC) was held from April 5th to 7th, at ExCeL London. This is the second international championship of 2024. The first region was in Latin America. This year, Pokémon also opened up a Pop Up store during the competition and five exclusive pin products were sold. Just like previous international […]

Graduation 2024 Collection: Greeting Card, Pin Box

13-Graduation Pikachu 2024 Pokémon Pin Box Set-3

The new graduation series is here! Every year Pokémon Center releases a graduation collection in time for some gift ideas. This year Pokémon Center US/UK released a greeting card pin and a pin box on March 29th. The greeting card consists of one pins featuring Pikachu and Eevee. The theme of this year is Paldea’s Academy […]