Event: Lucca Comics & Games 2023 Play Lab Pins

From November 1st to 5th, the annual Lucca Comics & Games event was held in Lucca, Italy. The event is traditionally held at the end of October and it is the largest comic and gaming convention in Europe. Just like last year, Pokémon brought Play Lab booths to the event for fan to experience and learn how to play Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Participants of Play Labs will then receive an exclusive pin as gifts.

Last year, the Play Lab pin features Pikachu and this year the pins feature Pawmi and Lechonk. Different from last year, it seems like there are two pins available for the 2023 event instead of just one. 

Here are the pins:

Play Lab 2023 Lucca Comics Pawmi Pokemon Pin-x
2023 Lucca Comics
Play Lab 2023 Lucca Comics Lechonk Pokemon Pin-x
2023 Lucca Comics

The design of the pin is similar to the 2023 Spiel In Essen pin and also the PAX event pins. Hopefully we will see more Play Lab pins next year as well!

Here’s the pin for 2022:

Play Lab 2022 Lucca Comics Pokemon Pin-x
2022 Lucca Comics