Event: PAX Unplugged 2023 Pinny Arcade Play Lab Pins

From December 1st to 3rd, PAX Unplugged was held in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. Starting last year, Pokémon set up Play Lab booths for people to experience and learn how to play Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) during PAX events. Anyone that participates will have a chance to bring home an exclusive pin.

This year’s PAX Unplugged pin features Quaxly and is also part of the Pinny Arcade Quest event where you can trade event pins with other particpants. PAX Unplugged is the 4th PAX event this year. Besides PAX Aus, all other three events were part of Pinny Arcade Quest. The three pins released this year is also the three starters of Paldea Region!

Here’s the pin:

PAX 2023 Unplugged Quaxly Pokemon Pin-x

This year’s PAX event schedule is as followed:

  1. PAX East – Boston, March 23-26 (blog post)
  2. PAX West – Seattle, September 1-4 (blog post)
  3. PAX Aus – Melbourne, October 6-8 (blog post)
  4. PAX Unplugged – Philadelphia, December 1-3 (blog post)

Here’s the pins for past PAX events: