Pokémon Center Japan Halloween 2022 Pin Released!

On August 19th, Pokémon Center Japan announced their 2022 Halloween collection merchandise! This year, the theme is “Pokémon Harvest Festival”, featuring Pikachu, Calyrex, Vulpix, Bidoof, Mimikyu, Fennekin, Gengar, Zorua, Gourgeist, Munchlax, Pumpkaboo and more.

>> Link to Japan’s original news post

This year’s Halloween themed enamel pin features Pikachu, Calyrex and Pumpkaboo. It is sold at 660 Yen:

Japan 2022 Halloween Pokemon Pin
2022 Halloween Pin

All merchandise were released on September 3rd on Pokémon Center Japan’s online store as well as all stores across Japan.