Pokémon Center Japan Blueberry Academy Emblem Pin

Pokémon Center Japan revealed on December 8th, 2023 that they will be releasing a new collection. The collection is to celebrate the release of the new expansion of Scarlet and Violet — The Indigo Disk: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. The expansion will be available on December 14th and so will this collection.

The new game expansion includes a newly revealed academy — Blueberry Academy. It is a sister school to Naranja Academy and Uva Academy in the original game. Players will be sent to Blueberry Academy for a series of adventure.

The academy has its own emblem and within the new collection, a new enamel pin of the academy emblem is released. The pin is sold at 660 Yen and is available on Pokémon Center Japan online store. Here’s the pin:

Blueberry Academy 2023 Indigo Disk Pokemon Pin-x

The pin was released on December 14th and is now available on Pokémon Center Japan online store.

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