Pokémon Center Japan Paldea Gym Badge Premium Frame Sets

Pokémon Center Japan announced on Feburary 22nd 2023 that they are opening up preorders for three Paldea Gym Badge frame sets. The pre-order period is from Feburary 22nd to March 25th. The products will be ship around June/July.

The three frame sets are Legend Route, Champion Road and Stardust Streets. Legend Route and Stardust Streets are retailed at 24,400円 and Champion Road is retailed at 26,400円. Here are each set and their individual pins:

Legend Route —

Stardust Streets —

Champion Road —

Previously, Pokémon Center has also released Premium Badge Frame sets including gym badges are Kanto, Johto and more. These sets are well made and are very hard to buy after they are sold out.