Pokémon GO Trainer Gear Collection: Team/League Pins

Today, Pokémon Center US/UK online stores released their new collection — Pokémon GO Trainer Gear Collection. The collection includes different apparels and accessories. The collection also includes one set of Battle League pins and 3 other Team pins!

The Battle League pin set includes 4 pins — Battle League emblem, Great League emblem, Ultra League emblem, and Master League emblem. The set is sold at $19.99/£18.99.

31-Pokémon GO Trainer Gear-GO Battle League Pins-1
Battle League emblem
Great League emblem
Ultra League emblem
Master League emblem

Besides the Battle League set, they also released three separate pins of different Pokémon Go Teams — Zapdos-inspired Team Instict, Articuno-inspired Team Mystic and Moltres-inspired Team Valor. Each pin is sold at $9.99/£8.99.

The collection is made for everyone as friends can freely choose the merch of the Team they belong to. Be sure to grab them before they sell out!

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