This page includes Halloween pin collections released by Pokémon Center US/UK online store. The Halloween collections usually have interesting storylines and the pins often depict these storylines in the designs.

Scary Stories Pin Collection

The pins of this collection can be opened and closed like an actual book. The story of each pin is included for collectors to better understand and enjoy the pins! I’ve also included the corresponding figure released along with the pin. There are 5 pins in the collection.

1. Mimikyu × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Pin

“Poor little Mimikyu just wants to make some friends, so it created a disguise that makes it look like Pikachu—but oh no, the disguise has been broken! Now in its Busted Form, Mimikyu stands in front of a mirror, trying to fix its broken disguise…”

2. Phantump × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Pin

“Some say Phantump came into being when a lost spirit possessed a tree stump. Now it spends its days and nights wandering an abandoned forest filled with memories it can’t quite place, calling out to people as it longs for companionship.”

3. Banette × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Pin

“Feeling like a plush toy that’s been tossed aside and forgotten, Banette harbors deep resentment at the loss of a former friendship. Filled with cursed energy, it puts on a brave face while it hopes for the day when it will once again feel cherished.”

4. Zorua × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Pin

“Even though Dark-type Pokémon are known for being tough, Zorua is shy and hates being seen. Wary of strangers, it’s waited until the dead of night to roam the city streets in search of a meal, and it’ll be quick to transform into another shadow-dwelling Pokémon if someone comes near.”

5. Drifloon × Vic Lee: Pokémon Scary Stories Pin

“True to its nickname of the “Signpost for Wandering Spirits,” Drifloon floats aimlessly among a hoard of lichen-covered signs in a muggy jungle. Where did the signs come from? Without a way to tell directions, someone might get lost…”

Cinema Scares Oversize Pin Collection (2023)

The pins of this collection can be placed on a small easel for display. The pins can also be worn on its own. Each pin is designed like a movie poster and the title of the movie corresponds to a different skill. There are 6 pins in the collection.